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Stamford, CT

Project Type

New Residential Low-Rise

Project Scope

A new 4-story multi-family wood on concrete podium slab with partial basement level parking below.  The at-grade drive aisle passes under the north end of the building, with 3 stories of wood above and no parking below, in order to allow access to the garage at the rear of the building.  The slab above the drive aisle is the only area of concrete on metal deck supported by steel beams.


The remaining superstructure consists of open web floor and roof trusses with TJI's crossing the center corridor.  The exterior and corridor walls are 2x6 construction, while the demising walls consist of (2) 2x4 walls with a minor gap between them to reduce sound transmission.

20” deep floor trusses span unit to unit and 24” deep flat roof trusses span exterior wall to corridor wall.  A 2-stage lateral analysis was conducted of the wood shear walls landing on the podium slab, which in turn is supported by concrete shear walls and columns.

Project Team

Do H. Chung & Partners

WellBuilt Company

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