Renewing Our Past, Building Our Future

We believe we can improve the built environment and make a direct contribution to create a better, more sustainable world for all.  

We are stewards of the built world - whether new or old, our structures contribute to a better society. They provide safety, comfort, and beauty that will outlast the individuals that work on them. We seek like-minded partners in the form of clients, end-users, and collaborators to allow us to fulfill our mission. 

We practice our craft to the best of our abilities and through the training and development of our team, we help future generations. We provide creative solutions to the renovation, repair, and restoration of older buildings and to the design of new buildings that meet the needs of our clients and communities. 

Our vision is that when our work is done, everything we’ve touched and everywhere we’ve been will be left in an improved state

Our beliefs are captured in our motto of “Renewing our past, Building our Future”. 


Our Story

Cuono Engineering was founded in 2012 by Ciro Cuono. Tell us why you started your own business and who's been there from the start.