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Manhattan College

M.S. Civil Engineering (Structural)

Manhattan College

B.S Civil Engineering


New York





Augustine Joseph, P.E.

Project Engineer

A graduate of Manhattan College, Augustine has experience in the structural design of new buildings, foundation analysis, and design. His experience in structural design extends to commercial, residential, mixed-use buildings, and outdoor recreational structures. 

Augustine's dad wanted him to be a Civil Engineer but he always wanted to be an artist. Ever since moving to NY, it was the NYC skyline that ultimately attracted him to architecture. After doing a bit more research, he learned that there is a very important group of people behind the architecture that ensures buildings stand up/function despite wind conditions and height. Augustine decided that he wanted to join that group of people, Structural Engineers, and absolutely loves it...guess sometimes Dad knows best!

What Augustine enjoys most about being a structural engineer is problem-solving. For him, it feels like you are the doctor of a whole building, coming up with remedies/solutions to any type of ailment/problem.  Once all the calculations and design work are complete, the added bonus is getting to see the project through construction and achieving a sense of pride for the finished product. While he enjoys working on any type of new construction, both residential or commercial, he is most interested in buildings in the city for their complex foundation design. 

When he's not finding solutions or designing, Augustine may be found at the gym, playing tennis or basketball, hiking or drawing, and painting. 

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