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North Carolina State University

Bachelor of Science

Daniel Binello, E.I.T.

Assistant Project Engineer

Daniel recently joined the Cuono team with over 3 years of experience in structural design. Although he has experience working on a variety of projects, the majority of his experience falls within the new construction and renovation of commercial buildings with the use of steel, wood, and Cold-Formed Steel.


He enjoys working most on new creative architectural construction projects; his favorite project being a 3-story winery building due to the complexity of the project and the various lateral systems used. Daniel's passion for construction and science is what led him to become a structural engineer as the field combines both. The impact on people's daily lives and environment using science and practical designs is what he finds most rewarding in working in this industry.


When he's not working, Daniel enjoys travel, fitness, and outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and snowboarding.

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