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Stevens Institute of Technology

Masters of Engineering 

Stevens Institute of Technology

Bachelors of Engineering 



Daniel Vainer, E.I.T.

Assistant Project Engineer

Daniel's path to becoming a structural engineer began with his two core passions: figuring out problems and applying his creativity to optimize the work he does. This can mean anything from improving efficiency to utilizing software and excel worksheets for repeating calculations with ease. He is most satisfied when optimizing his activities to the fullest potential, where he can propose a small change in design to yield the best result with minimal cost.

A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with both Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering, Daniel was awarded the Sydney F. Borg award for "the highest average in the structural engineering courses" in civil engineering.  He joined Cuono's NYC office in 2022 after formerly being employed at a Jersey City firm where he had the opportunity to design a high-end residential summer home, as well as work on commercial projects with steel and concrete.   Thus far at Cuono, he's been involved in various structural projects, including the designs of new residences and the renovations of existing buildings, working primarily with steel and wood. 

For Daniel, the best part of structural engineering is when a schematic or connection design ends up working perfectly for a complex problem, despite inevitable changes and hiccups along the way.  When a design finally works after having put much thought and effort into it, it's like a reward at the end of a journey.  He enjoys projects that test his limits and push him to learn new things…and since he's still fresh to the industry, that means most projects! 


What does Dan do when he's not working?

Daniel's spare time is filled with creating (and consuming) clever content for the internet in the form of videos and ideas, but he also socializes with friends in the form of gaming or sports.

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