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Manhattan College

Masters of Science

(currently pursuing) 

Manhattan College

Bachelors of Science




Khalid Abdulla, E.I.T.

Staff Engineer

Khalid Abdula joins Cuono Engineering as a recent graduate of Manhattan College who is currently pursuing his masters in structural engineering. Through internships and his Structural Capstone project in college, Khalid has gained valuable experience in the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings, primarily with wood and steel systems. While he is passionate about both new construction and structural renovations, he enjoys the challenge of problem-solving issues in existing buildings as each project is unique in how it is inspected and resolved.
Khalid's fascination with structural engineering began as a child. Driving through Manhattan and admiring the towering structures, he often wondered how such a large building could stand still and hold so much weight. This curiosity led him to pursue his career, where he can now appreciate the complexity and precision that goes into designing buildings. He finds great satisfaction in seeing a project go from concept to reality.
Outside of work, Khalid enjoys playing golf, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. He is also a foodie who loves spending time with his family and friends.

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