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Kyle Roosa

CAD Technician

With over 25 years of experience as a drafter, Kyle brings his combined drafting expertise in the fields of mechanical, civil, and structural engineering to the Cuono team. While he works primarily on new construction and renovation of commercial projects with the use of concrete and steel, he is currently enjoying working on wood and masonry projects to expand his background and knowledge.

Kyle started learning CAD because he wanted to be a car designer, however, life had other plans and he ended up in the Structural industry.  He finds his job rewarding when seeing a project come to life; going from lines on a paper and/or screen to the final built product.  He finds satisfaction knowing his contribution to a tangible building, that you can enter and walk around in, serves a purpose in the built environment, and may potentially be part of an iconic skyline. Currently, his favorite projects have been two high-end residential homes in Fairfield and Westchester County.  These are large-scale renovations that add another level of variety to his portfolio of work.


In his spare time, Kyle enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and almost anything involving cars and racing.

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