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City College of New York

Masters of Science

(currently pursuing) 

City College of New York

Bachelors of Science



Mehrojiddin Aslov, E.I.T., LEED GA

Staff Engineer

A former Cuono intern, Mehroj brings his passion for structural engineering and sustainability to the team working primarily on new residential concrete structures. As a LEED Green Associate, he enjoys learning how to implement sustainable solutions to modern structural design.  It is no surprise that he feels rewarded by working on projects that improve the quality of life of those who are affected by it.


The satisfaction of solving intricate problems and ensuring the safety and stability of buildings and infrastructure is what led Mehroj to become an engineer. Designing innovative and efficient structures that meet safety standards and aesthetic requirements often requires creative thinking. Mehroj finds the balance of technical knowledge and creativity to be one of the most fulfilling parts of his job.


Mehroj's most recent projects have been the Poughkeepsie YOU/YMCA Pools and a site retaining wall for a 10-acre, 15,000-square-foot residence.  His leaders challenged him to think independently about the designs, and in doing so, he has gained invaluable knowledge to expand upon in his future projects.


While his time is very limited between working and finishing his Master's degree, Mehroj likes to spend any spare moments with his younger brother playing in the park or watching movies.

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