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Columbia University

Masters of Science

Penn State University

Bachelor of Science


New York




Migara Hewavitharana, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Migara rings in the start of 2023 with Cuono Engineering as our newest Senior Project Engineer to join the team. He brings not only 10 years of professional experience, but a passion for mentorship and professional development.  Having been involved in mentorship organizations since his days at Penn State, he continues to hone his leadership skills through organizations such as SEAoNY to this day.


Like many other structural engineers, Migara originally wanted to become an architect. During high school, he was tutored by one of his first career mentors who noticed his aptitude for math and physics. When discussing his career plans, he was asked "Why architecture?". Migara, growing up around NYC, was always fascinated by the massive structures and infrastructure, and wanted to be a part of how they became a reality. The more he described wanting to know the "how" they stand and the physics behind it, he recognized that he was interested in structural engineering as a career path.


He loves working on projects where he feels like he is making a positive impact on the community, such as education facilities, cultural projects, community centers, structural components of large public spaces, etc. He also enjoys the creative process of architecturally challenging projects in which he must help bring an architect's artistic vision to life. When he's not busy working or volunteering his time to professional development outreach, Migara enjoys photography, volleyball, snowboarding, video games, trying new food spots in the city, concerts/live music, and traveling. Now that's what we call a go-getter!

Migara's Passion for Outreach

Migara is a Director of the Younger Member Support Committee for NCSEA, a Co-Chair of the Student Outreach & Education Committee and Records Keeper/Event Coordinator for the Younger Member Group through SEAoNY, and an active Board Member of the Penn State Civil Engineering Alumni Society…just to name a few! He is most proud of the STEM Outreach and Education and younger-engineer-centric programming that his committees do through SEAoNY and in 2020-2021 SEAoNY's YMG (younger member group) was finally recognized as the "YMG of the Year" by the NCSEA.

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