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New York Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts

Westchester Community College

Associates of Arts & Science



AIAWHV Design Committee

Business Realty Institute

Business Council of Westchester

Noelle Hanks

Director of Marketing & Communications

Noelle joined Cuono Engineering in 2018 as the Director of Marketing and Communications to help develop and enhance the marketing, branding, and advertising visibility for the firm, a department that previously did not exist. Since her time with Cuono Engineering, she's not only helped with the Marketing side but Business Development and Recruiting side as well. 

While wearing many hats can be quite tough, each area is very much connected. She enjoys being able to add to and showcase the dedication and care from top management down, team talent, and diversity in a company culture that Cuono Engineering brings to the industry. 

A graduate of NYIT with a focus in Communications specializing in TV/Broadcast Production, Noelle made sure her education was diverse by taking public relations, marketing, and photography classes. She even had her own portrait photography business for several years and has a background in working with family-owned residential rental properties. This range of experience has certainly allowed her to find all her passions in one place with Cuono!

In her spare time, Noelle enjoys playing video games and broadcasts for large gaming events which allows her to travel around the world; something that has always been a passion of hers - especially to see and experience different architectural styles and cultures.

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