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Manhattan College

Masters of Science

Manhattan College

Bachelors of Science




Philip Granitto, E.I.T.

Staff Engineer

Philip Granitto recently returned to Cuono Engineering after completing his Master's degree from Manhattan College. Having previously interned at Cuono, Philip has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects alongside our engineers. He finds that he is most passionate about new construction projects that allow him to be creative and make a significant contribution to the overall job.


One project that stands out to Philip is a redline set for a new residence in Greenwich, CT. This particular project allowed him to take on a significant design role, which he found to be incredibly rewarding. He appreciated the trust that was placed in him and the opportunity to showcase his design skills as an intern. For Philip, becoming a structural engineer was a natural choice. He enjoys the idea of being able to point to a building or structure and say, "I helped do that." The collaborative nature of structural engineering is what he finds most fulfilling. Working with a team to bring a project to completion and being able to share in the satisfaction of the finished product is what drives him in his career.


Outside of work, Philip enjoys staying active by playing and watching sports such as baseball, basketball, and rowing. He also appreciates spending time at the beach and watching movies in his spare time.

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