Cuono provides structural engineering design services for new buildings, renovations, rehabilitations, and adaptive re-uses. Sectors include residential housing projects, institutional work, health-care, education, ecclesiastical, as well as other municipal and private clients. From designing a new building to making what was old new again, Cuono brings a wealth of experience to produce carefully crafted and highly detailed drawings. 

We believe that close collaboration and a hands-on approach is the best recipe for a successful project.

Services Include:

  • Structural design for new construction

  • Structural renovations and restorations

  • Structural repairs

  • Adaptive re-uses

  • Investigations

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Facade consulting

  • Retaining Walls

  • Sidewalk Vault repairs

  • Roof top dunnage


Services Include:

  • Structural design of new residences

  • Structural renovations and restorations

  • Structural repairs

  • Design of new additions, decks and retaining walls

  • Apartment renovations and combinations

  • Rowhouse/Townhouse renovations

  • Roof deck investigations and support of roof deck installations

  • Design of monumental and unique stairs and railings

Cuono provides design services for the residential market including structural design for distinctive high-end residential homes. Whether in a coastal condition or inland, we work with homeowners, architects, and specialty craftsman residential contractors to deliver meticulously designed and built homes for unique and discerning clients.

Our hands-on approach, particularly during the construction phase, is a great asset to the team when building a finely crafted home.


Beyond the area of traditional design work, Cuono provides specialty services such as design of steel connections for the steel fabrication and erection industry, design of temporary shoring and bracing for the installation of new work, design of unique and complex stairs, railings, and art installation support structures as well as a variety of assessment reports and forensic investigations.

Our varied experiences has allowed us to successfully take on a variety of unique work and inform our work on other projects.

Services Include:

  • Design of steel connections for the steel fabrication industry

  • Design of stairs and hand rails

  • Monumental stairs and art support installations

  • Design of temporary shoring and bracing

  • Pre-construction assessment reports

  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports

  • Monitoring plans

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Structural condition assessment reports

  • Co-op and condo peer reviews