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The University of Virginia

Bachelor of Science





Sarah Mercer, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Sarah has always been fascinated with buildings, bridges and other structures and math was always her favorite subject in school.  What better way to combine the two than through structural engineering? She loves working with existing and historical structures, as she is very interested in historical building methods and design practices.  She is also intrigued by the evolving historical use and understanding of different building materials (e.g. cast iron, wrought iron and mild steel).


With 10+ years in the industry, Sarah brings her experience and passion to Cuono in the structural design of new buildings, renovations, and historical preservation of existing structures including working with steel and wood design.  Her experience extends to a wide variety of structure types ranging from industrial, retail, residential, mixed-use buildings, outdoor recreational structures and historic buildings.


Recently, Sarah had the honor of presenting a webinar on Structural Renovations of Historic Structural Systems to the Tennessee Structural Engineer's Association (TN-SEA). Beyond engineering, she also has a lifelong passion for the performing arts.  Ever since childhood, she's loved participating in plays, musicals and choirs.

One of Sarah's Favorite Projects:

Sarah feels she learns something new on every project but one that particularly stands out is a historic building on Riverside Drive.  She has completed the design for extensive repairs to the facade steel and balconies, and is now working on repairs to some of the building columns at the basement level.  One of the perks of her going out to the site is that you can't beat the views from the 17th floor!

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