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IN THE PRESS: Transferring Loads in Existing Buildings | STRUCTURE Magazine | Feb 2020

Engineering schools routinely train young engineers in new systems and materials to prepare them to enter the work force. Renovations and adaptive re-use of existing buildings, however, can be overlooked or omitted in an already packed undergraduate schedule. The reality of construction today, however, is that there is a high probability that most engineers will end up working in some capacity on an existing building. It is often a better use of resources to reuse and adapt an existing building rather building new and certainly more respectful of the environment.

One interesting aspect of renovations and adaptive re-uses to a structural engineer is when a design calls for removal of columns or walls. This is significantly more challenging than modifying a floor system, especially in an occupied building.

In this article featured in the November Issue of STRUCTURE Magazine, Ciro Cuono explores the permanent and temporary works involved in transferring loads on existing columns and walls considering transfer girders and trusses and topics such as preloading, hydraulic jacking and sequencing. Additionally, considerations from the engineering designer as well as contractor and steel erector are explored as well.

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