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The University at Texas Austin

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Ulster Community College

Associates of Science


New York



Habitat for Humanity

Melissa Fitter, P.E.

Senior Associate

From an early age, Melissa loved buildings and even wanted to design her own house. When she reached high school, she thought she would become an architect until she realized that her math/science skills were sharper than her art skills.  Soon after, while earning an AS degree in drafting and design, her internship at a wood truss company opened her eyes to structural engineering and the rest is history!  Recommending structural solutions that complement the architectural intent in an efficient manner is one of the most satisfying parts of her job as a structural engineer.


An Architectural Engineering graduate, Melissa lends over 20 years of experience in the structural design of buildings, including new residential & commercial construction particularly composed of concrete, wood, masonry, or steel. The majority of her design experience has consisted of new concrete flat plate buildings, new wood on concrete podium buildings, and in-house peer reviews on all project types.


Melissa has earned a Merit Award from the ACI NJ Concrete Awards for the Marbella South Tower in Jersey City, NJ.   She is a member of the AIA CT, and also participates in the Women's Build with Habitat for Humanity in Bridgeport, CT.  Outside of work, Melissa enjoys traveling with family, volunteering with her son, watching her daughter play lacrosse, and is always on the lookout for a good bargain.

One of Melissa's Favorite Projects:

The Stamford Urby Apartments has been one of Melissa's favorite projects.  It had a challenging site that had been abandoned and continuously dewatered for over 30 years with partial construction of a concrete garage that required preliminary surveying and investigation to determine its capacity for reuse.  The overall project consisted of 10 connected wood buildings around the perimeter of an entire city block, with one additional building in the center landscaped area, all transferring onto the concrete slab above the sub-grade garage.  Due to the size of the project, expansion joints were strategically located between buildings and most buildings were 5-6 stories of wood supported by a concrete transfer slab. Melissa enjoyed the challenges this large-scale project brought to the table and she's proud to see the end results every time she's in downtown Stamford.

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