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Our Story

Our Story

Cuono Engineering Started in the late spring of 2012. At the time Ciro was in his late 30’s and had left a position in a NYC Firm where he had worked for some time. The main goal for Cuono Engineering has always been and continues to be to create a place of value. That is to say, the firm was born with the intention to create an environment where all teammates are valued and have opportunities for advancement and personal development as engineers and members of the community. This value extends to our clients, industry colleagues, and friends. The value we place on these relationships is central to our core. Ciro’s vision was to start with a small team, develop that team, and then perpetuate the company through long term steady upward growth.

Though we have faced challenges and will continue to face challenges, our strategy is to meet them head on with a “straight shooter” and “can-do” attitude. The company was born at the end of the Great Recession and has had continued steady growth. The corona virus pandemic was our first major challenge which we navigated adeptly, thanks to our robust IT partners and the strength of our team. As the pandemic has evolved, new challenges have emerged, and many aspects of our world have been radically and permanently altered. Our ability as a company to be flexible and pivot as needed, to react to an evolving work environment is probably the greatest strength we possess. One thing that has kept us going, even on difficult days, is the optimistic belief that every day is a new day and therefore has the possibility to be brighter. 

Over the years, Ciro has learned that you must “plan for success”. Most people will have a plan B or a “just in case plan” but not necessarily the plan for success - when everything goes right. You must be ready for that too. 

Ciro’s biggest accomplishment through the years running Cuono Engineering has been his ability to recognize talent and position that talent with the right person in the right seat. He looks forward to the day when he can walk around the office in slippers just mentoring incoming staff….

Renewing Our Past, Building Our Future

We believe we can improve the built environment and make a direct contribution to create a better, more sustainable world for all.  

We are stewards of the built world - whether new or old, our structures contribute to a better society. They provide safety, comfort, and beauty that will outlast the individuals that work on them. We seek like-minded partners in the form of clients, end-users, and collaborators to allow us to fulfill our mission. 

We practice our craft to the best of our abilities and through the training and development of our team, we help future generations. We provide creative solutions to the renovation, repair, and restoration of older buildings and to the design of new buildings that meet the needs of our clients and communities. 

Our vision is that when our work is done, everything we’ve touched and everywhere we’ve been will be left in an improved state. 

Our beliefs are captured in our motto of “Renewing our past, Building our Future”. 

Cuono Engineering is a diverse structural firm that holds a reputation of integrity and professionalism.  We are creative problem-solvers, while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.  The relationships we form with the design team, contractor and client are key to the successful project outcomes we achieve.       


As a result of our diverse project portfolio, we are able to showcase our expertise in the investigation, design and execution of many building types and materials, new and old.  From historic preservation to modern high-rises, to everything in between, our team is excited to consult with you on your unique and challenging project.  We specially select our staff, to ensure your project gets the attention of the engineers who have the most relevant technical skills and knowledge.


We will add value to your project by being proactive in anticipating your needs, by providing a high level of coordination between design consultants, and by enacting quick response times during construction administration.  Cuono Engineering takes a progressive approach with technology in order to provide the most effective deliverables for the project.  Our prices are competitive and fair, and there will be no unexpected or additional expenses that are not pre-approved by you.


Work with us, and you’ll work with seasoned professionals who are cognizant of deadlines and committed to exceeding your expectations. 

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission
Why Choose Us
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