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As of 2018, New York State requires all parking garage owners to have their garages inspected every 3 years by a licensed NYS professional engineer (P.E.) with a minimum of 3-years of experience. This applies to all owners of private, municipal, and state-owned parking facilities in New York State. The code, Title 19 - Section 1203(?), was implemented to counter deteriorating and unsafe conditions that could lead to potential failure in the structures.


While new parking garage assessments are due prior to the certificate of occupancy, existing parking garage structures are due based on a cyclical timeline. The following dates indicate the compliance due dates for existing structures.

NYS Parking Inspection Timeline.PNG

Does my garage or parking structure need to be inspected?

YES, if...

It's a building or a portion of a building used for parking or storing motor vehicles, including space inside or under a building

NO, if...

        It's a building in which the only level used for parking or storage of motor vehicles is on grade
       It's a single-family or two-family home with an attached garage
       It's a townhouse unit with attached parking exclusive to that unit

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