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New Hampshire Technical Institute

Scott Robbins

Production Manager

Joining Cuono with over 25 years of experience in the Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Operation (AECO) industry, including over 15 years in the application of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) design and production process, Scott heads up our Production Department. He focus on the use of BIM throughout the business process. Scott has worked with AEC companies to plan, develop, manage, and implement BIM and production data technologies. He is focused on the production deliverable and the design process to get there and manages these technologies to address an aggressively changing AECO industry. Scott's abilities in team management, support, quality assurance, training, execution planning, and innovation of the BIM production process has helped on some of the largest projects around the world. 


A few career highlights for Scott have been his role as BIM Manager for Dubai Healthcare City, Structural BIM Manager for Orlando Airport Landside Terminal Complex,  and Project Owner for BIM for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that manages the entire life cycle of a building.  His broad experience ranges from new commercial projects, transportation construction, hospitals, airports and railways all the way to modular construction. 


Although Scott is not a structural engineer, what he enjoys most about structural engineering is the massive impact it can have on the success of the project when well executed.  He finds satisfaction working on any project where data from the project is used in the business process. For him, the best part of working on structural engineering projects is being able to help visualize and communicate the genius behind a well-executed structure.


During his free time, you can find Scott building and doing renovation work with friends and family, beekeeping, educating on bees, and bottling honey for the Bee and Farmland Preservation Foundation.

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