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TSX Broadway - Historic Palace Theatre Shoring & More

TSX Broadway in the heart of Times Square will likely go down as one of the most iconic building transformations of our decade if not century. The architectural innovation by Mancini Duffy and Perkins Eastman has been integral in creating this magnificent building, which included lifting the historic Palace Theatre 30 feet above grade and excavating below ground level to create 75,000 square feet of new usable space. This revolutionary vision comes from “L&L Development Corporation and Maefield Development—who recognized early-on Times Square’s shift toward more experience-based retail, hospitality and entertainment, including show-stopping Broadway productions, that appeal to global visitors.”

After the contractor raised the existing building into position, they realized that the temporary jacking system was in the way of installing the permanent steel structure to support the historic proscenium walls around the stage. The contractor engaged Cuono Engineering to collaborate with Koenig Iron Works for the design of the temporary shoring of the 80-foot-high historic brick masonry walls in order to remove the jacking structure and install the permanent steel.

In addition, our team signed and sealed the calculations designated for the connection designs of various steel-to-steel connections, such as shear connections, braced connections, and moment connections for gravity and lateral loads, and analyzed and designed the structural framing for miscellaneous components such as stairs, railings and the orchestra pit, as well as the support for the NanaWall at the entry areas.