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Lending A Helping Hand: Cuono Fights Hunger with Feeding Westchester

Westchester County, while one of the wealthiest in the country, is no stranger to hunger. With the rising cost of living expenses, many families find themselves struggling to pay for groceries and have full daily meals - and healthy options at that.

On Friday, November 3rd, our Cuono team packed up early to head down to Elmsford, New York; home of Feeding Westchester's 37,000-square-foot food bank and distribution center, which includes a recent 12,000-square-foot addition to increase food storage capacity. Serving more than 220,000 people each month on average, Feeding Westchester aims to decrease the hunger gap in our county for children, seniors, and families, while offering healthy options and fresh produce sourced from local manufacturers, farmers, and retailers.

Each month, 71,000 Westchester children in need are fed through Feeding Westchester's partnerships with local schools, daycares, libraries, and other organizations. The children receive nutritious, kid-friendly, easy-to-prepare food through their child-feeding bags, school pantries, and Mobile Food Pantry. These distributions allow children and families to receive nutritious food items and avoid any gaps in meals. The Mobile Food Pantry is a specialized 26-foot refrigerated truck that brings a “market on wheels” to underserved communities, with the highest need — where residents do not necessarily have easy access to buy fresh meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. This ensures that fresh, nutritious foods will be delivered directly to those who need them.

Feeding Westchester also offers a Senior Grocery Program that encourages better health and promotes independent living for seniors and neighbors with disabilities by bringing fresh produce and other food directly to where they live or gather.

Our firm has historically donated to Feeding Westchester every Thanksgiving, knowing that many families in our county go without the same comforts most of us are afforded. This year, we increased our contribution and personally got involved in the process. Our team helped pack 240 bags of apples, totaling about 600 lbs., in addition to a ton of 2-1/2 lb. bags of potatoes. These bags will be distributed this week along with fresh produce as part of the Feeding United Home Deliveries program to senior living facilities in the Westchester County area. As we approach the Thanksgiving season, we know how greatly our effort will be appreciated.

If you would like to help Feeding Westchester's fight against hunger, please feel free to visit their website. There are many different ways to contribute!

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