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CE 2023 Annual Strategic Retreat at Whitby Castle in Rye, New York

At Cuono Engineering, our goal is to create an environment in which our entire staff is involved and empowered. From an open-book management approach to continuing education, we strive to keep our team informed of our achievements, goals, and focal areas, as well as assist in the development of professional paths and goals within our firm.

Each year, our Management Team and Team Leaders continuously work not only on achieving the goals set in previous years but continue to work on new or elevated goals. Our Strategic Retreats give us the opportunity to celebrate our wins from the year past, introduce our new employees as we grow, discuss various policies and/or changes to them, and give the opportunity for our team to work collectively together to contribute ideas.

This year, we had the pleasure of all meeting together at Whitby Castle in Rye, New York - a scenic and serene location in which to celebrate and brainstorm new ideas! We are delighted to have brought on 5 new employees since our last retreat which validates the progress of our Internship Program Team and Training & Continuing Education Team. Even more so, we are excited with the ideas that our breakout groups came up with to help expedite our goals in Business Development, IT, Training & Continuing Education, and Project Management.

We look forward to what the rest of 2023 brings as we continue to grow our firm with the help and ideas of our dedicated team!