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Cuono Tours Sites Creating Impact in Our Built Environment

Last month, Cuono Engineering had the opportunity to attend two industry-organized site visits, supporting our fellow AEC peers and learning about the amazing work they've been doing within the built environment. These included the ASLA NY Hard Hat Tour of the East Midtown Greenway and the ULI WCH/ Fairfield Housing Solutions at Brookfield Commons.

The first was the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) NY Hard Hat Tour of the East Midtown Greenway, over the East River in NYC. The Greenway currently spans from 53rd to 61st Street and will eventually end at 38th Street by the UN Park. Created for both pedestrians and cyclists, this 1.8-acre public promenade designed by Stantec offers not only amazing views along the East River but educational and historical points as you follow the path as well. The design and thought put into even the smallest of details, such as the diatoms from the east river turned into textured tiles, make for a wonderful space for people of all ages to enjoy. Plus, it incorporates quite a historical landmark of a magnificent rock that Washington once stood on!

The sustainability was no easy feat, both in the rainwater being recycled to keep the plants watered and the positioning of the walkway to keep light flowing through the river so as not to disturb the ecosystem, and has to be the highlight of this project! If you don't believe me, just watch the video below to see all the amazing work that has gone into this project as of May 2023.

The second tour we attended was the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Westchester/Fairfield Housing Solutions of The Overture Building at Brookfield Commons. This is the second affordable housing structure completed (The Prelude Building being the first) out of 7 that are being newly constructed in White Plains. The beautiful theme surrounding this community is music, which you can see in the vibrant jazz artwork filling the halls as you walk into The Overture. The bright contrasting colors within the painting, and even the details of the building, bring a wonderful element of energy to the building and also provide captivating art and culture for the residents to enjoy. Bravo to Marvel Architects and Trinity Development who are certainly creating a beautiful symphony of architecture and housing for the City of White Plains, while keeping their commitments to the community and current residents.