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New Private Residence with Natatorium, Below Grade Garage with Car Lift and More...

The structure is steel framed with perimeter concrete retaining walls enabling architectural flexibility and accommodating sizable fenestration and mechanical systems. Noteworthy aspects include various transfer beam systems facilitating diverse room layouts as required by the interior design and outrigger systems to support the large eave overhangs and intricate layers of overlapping roof.

The interior pool natatorium showcases a vaulted ceiling without interior tie beams, with an elevated indoor pool. Below the drive-court is an underground vehicle parking area accessible via a mechanical vehicle lift. Additionally, innovative features extend to the southwest terrace, including lifting windows that transform the space from indoor to outdoor.


The success of this project is hinged on meticulous coordination with consultants and the contractor, given the stringent demands for high-end finishes and tight tolerances. 



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