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Revitalizing Pelham: Restoration to Existing Parking Structure for New Municipal Center

The Village of Pelham Board approved the issuance of over $3 million in bonds last year for the construction of a new municipal center on 5th Ave and 3rd Street, as well as improvements to the existing parking structure. Cuono Engineering conducted a peer review of the structural drawings for the new Pelham Municipal Center, which is currently under construction. The new center will house the Village Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station.


The restoration of the adjacent parking structure on 3rd Street and 6th Ave, designed by Peter F Gaito & Associates, will be renovated to cater to various village needs, including providing parking for the police department on the first level and additional parking on the second level. The structure will undergo a new façade and entrance relocation to enhance traffic flow and accessibility. The immediate need for action is not only to improve the overall appearance of the structure, but to prevent structural failure due to continued deterioration. Cuono Engineering, as the Engineer of Record, will conduct structural investigations of the existing conditions and design necessary repairs and modifications.

While these projects aim to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the village's municipal buildings and parking facilities, ensuring structural integrity is vital. Parking Garage Inspections are one of the many services we offer at Cuono Engineering. If you have a parking structure in need of investigation or repair, be sure to contact us for consultation.