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We Do More Than That…

At Cuono Engineering, we pride ourselves in the variety of work we do. Though many in the industry may know us for our historic preservation and even high-end residential, many are surprised to find that we do more than that! From modern high-rises to specialty-designed rigging systems, to everything in between, our team is excited to consult with you on your unique and challenging project. With a staff of over 20, we specially select our team to ensure client projects get the attention of the engineers who have the most relevant technical skills and knowledge.

Take a look at some of the types of projects you MAY not have known we do:

High Rise

Cuono Engineering was contracted for the structural design of this new 15-story, mixed-use building, approx. 95,000 SF with ground and basement level retail space, 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments, and amenity spaces above. Once complete, the building will also have two levels of outdoor terraces at the building setbacks. The structural system is composed of concrete flat plate slabs and concrete shear walls.

Mid Rise

New 60,000 SF, 8-story senior residence and community center building. The structural framing consists of poured-in-place concrete flat plate construction and the lateral system is concrete shear walls.

This building had to be designed on a mat foundation due to poor soil conditions and a high water table. This project was pursuing Passive House certification which required close collaboration of the structural detailing to prevent thermal bridging. It has since been awarded a Passive House Certification, being one of the largest Passive House Projects in the US.

Low Rise/Podium

This project is a new 4-story mixed-used building with 3 stories of residential units over a grade-level parking garage and retail spaces. The building borders the Metro North train line in Harrison, NY.

The structural system is composed of 3 stories of wood construction transferred onto a 13” thick elevated two-way concrete podium slab. The podium slab contains drop panels and is supported by perimeter concrete shear walls and concrete columns at the garage level.

Structures with Underground Parking

Cuono Engineering is the structural engineer for this new 180,000 SF, 4-story mixed-use building in the heart of Pleasantville, that will feature 81 residential units, over 7,500 SF of retail space, a rooftop terrace, and 3 levels of underground parking.

The structural framing for the 1st floor and underground levels consists of a two-way cast-in-place slab system incorporating concrete transfer beams supported on concrete columns and shear walls. The superstructure framing consists of steel beams and columns with a slab-on-metal deck floor system and a combination of braced frames and moment frames for the lateral system.

Moving Foundations

This project consisted of renovating and expanding an existing historic waterfront house. The structure was lifted and temporarily moved to allow for the construction of a new foundation. The foundations consist of new timber piles, pile caps, and grade beams. The superstructure had significant internal modifications including exterior steel and concrete decks.

Temporary Shoring

A major part of the TSX Broadway project was the lifting of the historic Palace Theatre 30 feet above grade and excavating below ground level to create 75,000 square feet of new usable space. After the contractor raised the existing building into position, they realized that the temporary jacking system was in the way of installing the permanent steel structure to support the historic proscenium walls around the stage. The contractor engaged Cuono Engineering to collaborate with Koenig Iron Works for the design of the temporary shoring of the 80-foot-high historic brick masonry walls to remove the jacking structure and install the permanent steel.

In addition, our team signed and sealed the calculations designated for the connection designs of various steel-to-steel connections, such as shear connections, braced connections, and moment connections for gravity and lateral loads, and analyzed and designed the structural framing for miscellaneous components such as stairs, railings and the orchestra pit, as well as the support for the NanaWall at the entry areas.

Temporary Rigging

This commercial project consisted of a 2-story building renovation project in Brooklyn for Target which was built on piers over the East River. Cuono Engineering designed and detailed the temporary rigging steel for the installation of one elevator and two escalator pits located on the first floor of this building over the water. The temporary rigging located at the elevator is designed to lift the heaviest weight of up to 115,000 lbs to ensure the safe lowering and placement of the concrete and rebar pits.



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